Scavenger Hunt




Items needed: pen & paper, phone with clues


You’ll see 11 clues down below. Each clue will lead you to a place around the OUTSIDE of the cabin. You’ll have to decode the riddle/clue to figure out each location and there you'll find one letter.  After you find all 11 letters, you’ll have to unscramble them leading you to the final destination. There will be a QR code at the final destination for something special.

*All clues are outside. 
*Please leave all clues and letters in place so our next guests can enjoy the scavenger hunt too.
*This is a fun activity for kids or the whole family! Younger children may need some help.
*The 11 letters will form 2 words. The first word will have 6 letters and these letters are from clues 1 – 6.
The second word will have 5 letters and these letters are from clues 7 – 11.






Scavenger Hunt Clues



Clue #1

I have four legs but cannot walk
I also have arms but cannot talk
In a circle I am placed
Heat you’ll feel upon your face



Clue #2

If you were a tool where would you be
The lawn mower can keep you company
Go to this place and you will find
What you’re looking for is sharp and behind



Clue #3

If you found me it would be just your luck

But if I’m thrown you better duck

Some may wear me as a shoe

Or play with me in a game for two



Clue #4

Your next letter is where the road quit
Follow the path through the log that is split
Jump over another log walk for a bit
Find the tree with no bark and you’ve found it

Clue #5

Look for the log that sadly fell
Go to the path and walk a spell
As you go you will see
Something you can ride for free

Around here the next letter will be



Clue #6


There is an old song about me
I am tied around the old oak tree
Below me you’ll find the next letter of the hunt

Come around and look in the front


Clue #7


Go to the cabin’s corner to look at the view

You’re a step or two away from the next clue

Track down the next hint in an unusual place

These things are left behind in a chase

Let them lead you to the end of the race

Look close at the last one for the letter awaits

Clue #8

Don’t come too close I’m wild and furry
If I were alive you’d run in a hurry
I’m holding a board with a seven letter sign
The letter you’re looking for is third in line


Clue #9

Find the place where there’s only one way in

Pluto could stay here with Rin Tin Tin

Now search in this area for the thing

That has no finger but does have a ring


Clue #10


I’m always watching you come and go
From a tree on the edge you should know
I am an old man one might say
Wearing my leaf hat is a nice display

 On my beard is the next letter

With this addition I look even better



Clue #11


Before we begin to look for the next clue

My head is a buzzing about what to do

I’m so busy you know what I mean

Always working hard for the queen

Once you find us continue through the trees

Follow our path we’ll lead you with ease

The next letter will look just like me

With the same two colors you will see!